S01E01 - Growing the Future with Terry Aberhart

Terry and Dan talk family farms, cold showers, and precision agriculture.

S01E02 - Growing the Future with Jeff Bennett

Dan talks with Ag Twitter guru Jeff Bennett about social media, Superbowl commercials, and the benefits (or not) of benchmarking.

S01E03 - Growing the Future with Cory Willness

Industry expert Cory Willness shares wisdom gained from years of experience testing soils and following the data.

S01E04 - Growing the Future with Brennan Turner

From small town Saskatchewan, to Wall Street and back; this young entrepreneur shares his journey towards the creation of FarmLead.com, North America’s Grain Marketplace.

S01E05 - Growing the Future with Siere

Co-Authors of two books and founders of their own business consulting agency, Cathy Snelgrove and Jeff Rozier share their experiences in entrepreneurship, small business, and exponential growth.

S01E06 - Growing the Future with Robert Saik

Founder of numerous businesses in the Ag world, Professional Agrologist and Certified Agricultural Consultant; Rob Saik talks innovation, leadership, and mental health.

S01E07 - Growing the Future with Katelyn Duncan

Katelyn Duncan covers a vast array of topics including but not limited to the Four Agreements, sustainability in agriculture, fitness, mental health, spraying, her musical proclivities, and marrying a rich farmer.

Conversations that matter

The Growing the Future Podcast endeavors to spark conversations of innovation, reflection, and growth in the agriculture community.

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