S02E16 - Les Henry

For living legend Les Henry, it's all about the love of the land. Listen in as Terry and Holden Aberhart talk with Les about his transformative career in the industry, his legacy, and growing the future of agriculture.

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Past Episodes

S02E15 - Jake Ayer

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World” is what Jake Ayer’s parents told him. After exploring careers in University, Jake realized like generations before him, his heart was on the land. Paving the way for the future of agriculture, he is a board member of Keystone Ag Producer. Jake started his political career defending the Carbon Tax as a student at The University of Manitoba and is now fighting for business management programs to ensure farmers recover from disasters like Harvest from Hell.

S02E14 - Tom Wolf

Dan Aberhart speaks with Tom Wolf, Scientist, at Agrimetrix Research & Training, about how bringing empathy to ag helps build his community as a farm boy turned urbanite and getting to the nitty-gritty about why nozzles are the last to be picked at the party. Tom focuses on the things that matter most in life, empathy, communication, and relationships and works to understand farming so that he can give good answers to his client's pressing questions.

S02E13 - Antara Agronomy

There are two sides to Antara Agronomy - one is working with producers to manage and/or improve their operations through more efficient crop production and the other is facilitating the evaluation of new production practices through replicated on-farm research. Bru and Jenn started Antara Agronomy in 2014 by focusing on providing high-end agronomy services to producers in the Red River Valley. This week, Dan speaks with the couple to dive in on the benefits of working with an agronomist.

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