S02E11 - Jocelyn Velestuk

Between co-managing her family farm, being a mom, serving as President Sask Soil Conservation Association, Director on SaskWheat Development Commission, and advising farmers on best soil practices, Jocelyn Velestuk has taken on the global food industry by working at the cross-section of environmental science and agronomy. In this weeks episode, Dan and Jocelyn talk about how sustainability in agriculture starts with the soil.

S02E10 - Stuart McMillan

Student Talk Radio Host Turned Organic Farm Manager, Stuart McMillan is passionate about various aspects of agriculture. He had a wonderful stint as a farm and processor auditor and still stays engaged with the organic certification process. He was always most passionate about farming. Stuart is thrilled to manage Legend Organic Farms, an innovative large organic grain farm.

S02E09 - Warren Bills

No stranger to Growing the Future Podcast, Warren Bills comes back to chat with Dan Aberhart about finding new opportunities and building business strategies that fit cleanly into the value chain for farmers, agribusiness, and society.


We are calling this episode two Tulepps in front of a fern. Instagram sensations Stephanie and Cassandra Lepp joined the show to chat farming, fashion, and family dynamics in rural Manitoba.


SWAT MAPS is a unique, patented method of combining soil, water, and topography data layers into one powerful map for use in precision ag. It allows the influence of stable soil and water properties on yield variability to be measured and more importantly, managed. By mapping the “soil potential” in your field, SWAT MAPS empowers agronomists and farmers using variable rate technology to improve the ROI of fertilizer, seed, amendments, and soil applied herbicides for better profitability and environmental sustainability.


As farm business owners we tend to think in dollars and cents, revenue and expenses, inputs and outputs. Unfortunately, we often forget about the most important input – our self. Using self awareness and a growth mindset as the blueprint, Katelyn will discuss techniques to navigate through the day to day stresses of farming and personal life. Based on wisdom from Don Migual Riuz “The Mastery of Self” Katelyn will discuss how farmers can be their authentic self, regardless of what’s happening around them (aka: the weather, international trade and Twitter fights).


If you asked a farmer 20 years ago – how do you monetize your farm data? They’d look at you cross-eyed and crazy! Well today this topic could be top of mind as you’ve likely accumulated and utilized data through equipment, field sensors, and services. The idea of monetization doesn’t only mean turning it into cash, but also the idea that you can leverage data to become more profitable on your farm then without it.


Providing a decision matrix that takes the gut feeling out of farming and allows the data to drive the operations in terms of financial analysis, human resources and agronomy. If we already know the answer to the decision, is it really a decision?


Agriculture has changed and will continue to change at a rapid pace. Never before have all levels of agricultural production been under the spotlight more than today. How we as an agricultural community go on the offensive to insure the success and prosperity in the next 10 years of production?


In this session Terry shared his experiences and insight as a precision agronomist and owner, operator of Sure Growth Solutions Inc: an independent precision agronomy service and research provider, and Aberhart Farms Inc: a progressive 15,000 acre dry land grain operation near Langenburg Sk.

S02E01 ConnEct the Dots - CRUSH the AgronomicS with Elston Solberg

Strap yourself in for a hard core 4D thinking like a plant experience. You will leave this presentation smarter than 97% of agronomists on the planet. . . . and . . . Elston ‘may’ expose his confirmation bias around elemental sulphur, especially Bio-Sul 😎.

S01E25 Growing the Future Podcast with Elston Solberg

Terry and son Holden cover some incredible conversational territory with Elston Solberg, our friend and mentor in the industry. Shine on, Sun Mountain.

S01E24 Growing the Future Podcast with Mike Witkowicz

Mike Witkowicz is the Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Ag Exchange Group which provides a service as a private community where Growers and Buyers interact for for grain transactions. Mike shares his thoughts on modern grain marketing in Western Canadian agricultural production.

S01E23 Growing the Future Podcast with Jonathan Small from Global Ag Risk

Jonathan Small returns for AgSmart Day 2 to share more of his formula for successful management practises in agriculture!

S01E22 Growing the Future Podcast with Cal Harrison from Soil Reader

Imagine a device that can be installed on your farm equipment that soil tests in real time, essentially bring the lab to your soil. This is the promise of Soil Reader. Join Terry as he discusses the game changing technology that Cal Harrison and the team at Soil Reader are bringing the market in 2020.

S01E21 Growing the Future with Bill Zimmer at AgSmart

Join Terry Aberhart as he explores the incredible career and outlook in agriculture of Bill Zimmer. In this episode they cover topics like millennials, consumers influence on agriculture, the coming biological revolution, how producers should choose products and practises, and much more in ways that will give you hope for the future!

S01E20 Growing the Future with Evan Shout at AgSmart

Maverick Ag is a business risk management and insurance consulting company. Evan Shout discusses with Terry how to move your farming business ahead with greater degrees of certainty and profitability!

S01E19 Growing the Future with Luke Silinski at AgSmart

Luke Silinski is the Founder of Ag Tech STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, and Math) Box, an initiative to raise awareness about the more sophisticated aspects of modern agriculture.

S01E18 Growing the Future with Patrick Walther at AgSmart

Patrick Walther is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Agvisor Pro. He chats about bridging the gap between existing knowledge practitioners and the farm gate with new technology.

S01E17 Growing the Future with Stuart Cullum at AgSmart

President of the Olds College Stuart Cullum graciously sits down with GTFPC to discuss his vision of how best to prepare students for the ever changing needs of the agricultural labour market, specifically as it relates to technology!

S01E16 Growing the Future with Greg Johnson "The Tornado Hunter" at AgSmart

On this episode of the show The Tornado Hunter gets real on the nature of risk, life on the prairies, the impact of storms on people and property, politics, and why he loves agriculture! You don't want it miss it!

S01E15 Growing the Future with Rob O'Connor at AgSmart

Rob is a director for Glacier Media, and is the show runner for the every growing outdoor farm show Ag in Motion in Saskatoon which has exploded in popularity as well as the Farm Forum Event, which returns to it's roots this year in Saskatoon. Rob has a strong background in the agricultural arena including running the Farm Progress show in Regina for over a decade, and is a 3rd generation rancher. We cover everything from the livestock industry to what makes Rob tick when it comes to growing agricultural platforms that facilitate business in #westerncdnag!

S01E14 Growing the Future with Brianna Elliot at AgSmart

In this conversation with Brianna Elliot, "techgronomist" at Olds College, we cover some new and interesting territory on what the faculty is pursuing with their new Smart Farm Program, and the end results they are looking for: marrying technology with boots on the ground for better decision making and higher profits!

S01E13 Growing the Future with Brent Nicol at AgSmart

If you are trying to figure out precision Ag for your farm, this is one episode you won't want to miss. Terry Aberhart speaks with Brent Nicol about the new innovations coming in the Wild West of technology in Ag, what a techgronomist is, and how farmers can implement the tools that are out there to better their operation!

S01E12 Growing the Future with Cherilyn Nagel AgSmart

Cherilyn covers all kind of interesting ground in this candid conversation telling all about her personal journey of embracing farming and agricultural debate from the fields of Saskatchewan to the worldwide stage and everything in between!

S01E11 - Growing the Future with Brennan Turner at AgSmart

In this second appearance on the show we discuss fake fame vs real relationships, the CBC actually admitting farmers in western Canada sequester carbon, the nature of influencer referrals, benchmarking self awareness in relationships, President Trump, how likely the apocalypse currently is, the nature of USDA reporting, Brennan’s current book choice, what’s next in farming, and what life would be like if he was on the Bachelorette.

S01E10 - Growing the Future with Dean Klippenstine at AgSmart

Dean Klippenstine is the National Crops Leader for MNP. We chatted with Dean about the following: - Why Dean is a cool accountant - Dean’s farming background - Looking at a long term perspective on land in agriculture - Figuring out the vision of MNP to bring “infinite sustainability” - Balancing short term financial success with long term prospective on financials - Investing in fertility in rented land - Bringing the franchise model to agriculture - “the art of the possible” - Why the Liberals screwed up the trusts.

S01E09 - Growing the Future with Jonathan Small at AgSmart

We talk with Jonathan Small, Chief Research Officer for Global Ag Risk at the Ag Smart Event in Olds AB about technology, the history of BSE, harnessing the ascendency of the consumer, why non - GMO labels work on consumers, the inception of GARS, what he learned in 25 years of succession planning, and how the GARS model works as a financial snapshot for your farm!

S01E08 - Growing the Future with Ryan Watt

Ryan shows the true meaning of determination as he shares his journey to a healthier, happier self: #75Hard challenge.

S01E07 - Growing the Future with Katelyn Duncan

Katelyn Duncan covers a vast array of topics including but not limited to the Four Agreements, sustainability in agriculture, fitness, mental health, spraying, her musical proclivities, and marrying a rich farmer.

S01E06 - Growing the Future with Robert Saik

Founder of numerous businesses in the Ag world, Professional Agrologist and Certified Agricultural Consultant; Rob Saik talks innovation, leadership, and mental health.

S01E05 - Growing the Future with Siere

Co-Authors of two books and founders of their own business consulting agency, Cathy Snelgrove and Jeff Rozier share their experiences in entrepreneurship, small business, and exponential growth.

S01E04 - Growing the Future with Brennan Turner

From small town Saskatchewan, to Wall Street and back; this young entrepreneur shares his journey towards the creation of FarmLead.com, North America’s Grain Marketplace.

S01E03 - Growing the Future with Cory Willness

Industry expert Cory Willness shares wisdom gained from years of experience testing soils and following the data.

S01E02 - Growing the Future with Jeff Bennett

Dan talks with Ag Twitter guru Jeff Bennett about social media, Superbowl commercials, and the benefits (or not) of benchmarking.

S01E01 - Growing the Future with Terry Aberhart

Terry and Dan talk family farms, cold showers, and precision agriculture.

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