Meet the Magic Makers

Dan Aberhart

The Host With The Most

Dan grew up on his family’s farm, a now 14 thousand acre mixed grain operation in Saskatchewan; and later studied agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan. He spent 15 years in marketing, sales, business development, and leadership roles spanning the Prairies’ farming communities. Along with his dad Harvey, and brother Terry, Dan founded Aberhart Ag Solutions in 2015; where the family has introduced an elemental sulphur product to farmers that’s agronomically, logistically, and economically superior. Thanks to a network of partners developed by Dan, Bio-Sul is fast becoming the sustainable fertilizer of choice.

Dan’s vision and drive has taken Aberhart Ag Solutions from a fresh start-up to a company with millions in annual sales. A born entrepreneur, and the face of Aberhart Ag, Dan is synonymous with performance. The marketing maverick has redefined how to bring a better product to farmers, and he’s done it in a rarely-used method for the industry. A social media guru, Dan has created a specific branding strategy that has made the company a trusted household name. His videos and podcasts are relatable and creative.

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Terry Aberhart

The Man With The Plan

Growing up on his family farm cultivated Terry Aberhart’s passion for agriculture and entrepreneurial growth. He worked in the agricultural industry before returning to manage farm and custom spraying operations in 2000. In 2005, Terry founded Sure Growth Technologies, a professional independent agronomy consulting company, affiliated with Agri-Trend. In 2009 Terry received the Business Builder of the Year award and was voted Canadian Agri-Coach of the Year from Agri-Trend from 2011-2012.

In 2015, Terry, along with his brother Dan and father Harvey, founded Aberhart Ag Solutions Inc. The marketing and distributing company has helped bring BioSul Premium Plus, a unique recycled sustainable elemental sulfur product to the agricultural market. Aberhart Ag solutions continues to see network expansion, innovative and sustainable solutions.

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